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Snyder 46Snyder 1957Store1Snyder DrugSnyder Drug originated in Stockett in 1895 and has been a welcomed fixture of Great Falls since 1970. Grounded in a long standing family tradition of pharmaceuticals and a high standard of customer service, they are a delightful alternative to the status quo. Their history began long before the doors of 2515 6th Avenue North opened to the public with a man named Carl B. Snyder. Carl B. Snyder was raised in Madison, Wis. where he received his apprenticeship as a pharmacist in 1893. He soon found himself in Great Falls, Mont. working alongside Murphy McClay until 1895 when he opened his own store, Snyder Drug . Snyder Drug has kept hundreds of Great Falls residents employed for over 100 years.

The shelves looked much different from those we see today stocked with powders, ointments and liquids used for medical purposes. Along with the common cures of the time locals depended on the neighborhood store for eyeglasses, stationary, books, as well as the only phone in town. Carl B.’s sons Stanley O. and Carl J. kept busy running from house to house relaying to the town’s people that a call for them was waiting at the store. After 30 years in Stockett and a successful career as Justice of the Peace for the Sand Coulee Township, Carl B. felt it was time to move Snyder Drug to Great Falls.

In 1933 Carl J., Carl B. Snyder’s son, returned to Great Falls from Missoula a newly graduated pharmacist with his lovely wife Lucile on his arm. Carl J. ran the store as Lucile worked as a dietitian for the Deaconess Hospital. After the loss of her husband in 1957, Lucile began managing Snyder Drug full time. It wasn’t long before her son Neil Snyder received his degree and took the reins alongside his wife Sharon. Sharon and Neil ran the store from 1962 until they retired in 2006. To this day, Snyder Drug is a staple in our community and continues to be a full service family owned pharmacy built on a history of dedication, experience and hometown values. Snyder Drug is a respected and highly trusted business in the community, serving customers for more than a century.